Gentle Professional Cleaning

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Gentle Professional Dental Cleanings

Steps in a Dental Cleaning:

Dental Consultation

Our dentist will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and mouth to identify signs of disease or other disorders. The goal is to help maintain your oral health and prevent problems from becoming serious by detecting and treating problems as soon as possible. Our dentist may also ask for your medical history. Once the evaluation is complete, our dentist will begin the teeth cleaning procedure.

Removal of Plaque and Tartar

Using hand or ultrasonic tools, our dentist will scrape below the gum line, removing built-up plaque and tartar that can cause gum disease, cavities, bad breath and other problems. This process might take longer if you have not had your teeth professionally cleaned in a while or if it is your first time.


To remove surface stains after plaque and tartar deposits have been removed, our dentist will polish your teeth using prophy paste, an extra-grainy version of toothpaste, and a tiny rubber cup that spins on the end of a handheld wand.

Flossing and Fluoride Application

Next, our dentist may floss your teeth. This stage removes any leftover debris and plaque that the first two may have missed. Applying a fluoride treatment helps your teeth absorb minerals that make them stronger and protect them from damage and decay.

Follow-up Appointment Set up

There is no fixed answer to how often you should see our dentist. If your teeth and gums are in good shape, you probably won't need to return for six months. If further treatment is required, such as filling a cavity, repairing a broken crown, or removing a wisdom tooth, you should make an appointment before leaving our dental office.

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